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Marshal Bob

      While adventuring the high plains of Nebraska (not quite as Lewis and Clark did) Marshal Bob's alter ego developed and proliferated the notion of Marshal Bob’s RiverSand, Pure Prairie Seasoning. He’d traveled miles of dust covered trails over wide open spaces, lured by new discoveries and misinformation. Searching out the truth and delivering the judgment. On the road to ‘Findout’.
      Find out what’s out there.
      He brought home tales of his ventures into the wilderness. Often times the end of the trail was the local saloon with no kitchen. Perhaps that’s when he learned to boil water.
      Marshal Bob became adept at ‘stokin the fire and fixin’ the vittles’. He got a hankerin’ for making it taste just right with just the right amount of seasoning to bring out the best flavor of any dish. Problem was that very few seasoning blends out there really deliver. They’re either too harsh up front with too much salt and pepper, or they don’t hold through the cooking process so one can taste it in the end. Marshal Bob took care of that with his blend of 16 ingredients and created RiverSand, Pure Prairie Seasoning.
      At any rate, without true grit, or the ability to ride a horse (and PLEASE don't ask him to shoot), Marshal Bob seemed destined to the chuck wagon. But he prevailed and his culinary talents (probably this concoction he calls RiverSand) has made him as tried and true as the Wild West frontier. The infant recipe and play on words seemed a natural fit for characterizing the product: Marshal Bob's RiverSand, Pure Prairie Seasoning.
      The rest, they say, may be history.

Marshal Bob’s RiverSand, Pure Prairie Seasoning

“It’s Wanted.”




      Through happenstance and travels extraordinaire, I acquired the nickname 'Marshal Bob'. The actual details are fuzzy but I believe a couple of badges, a river of cooler laden canoes, heavy drinking, and a country rock-n-roll band were involved. Did I mention heavy drinking?
      Marshal Bob became my 'persona off natural', an alter ego so to speak. Marshal Bob became the person who enjoyed the finer aspects of life even if the attempt to get there was an ultimate disaster. Marshal Bob became the outgoing individual I actually might be.
      Marshal Bob came along around the same time I created my own seasoning blend. More trips down the river resulted in the name RiverSand.
      An idea was born and frustration followed, but Marshal Bob and RiverSand seemed destined to be intertwined...

Like barbed wire.

“Rustlers, Thieves and Outlaws Ain’t Always Wrong, Y'all!”

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