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Marshal Bob

Marshal Bob's River Sand is the perfect blend of 16 spices that allows everyone to create a variety of delicious food dishes.

Product Features

Convenience of many spices in one bottle.
Versatile - - many uses.

A unique blend of 16 spices that brings out the finest flavor in your favorite recipe.

Serving Suggestions

Enhances pork, beef, poultry, pasta and vegetable dishes.
    Sprinkle liberally on meat while grilling or roasting.    
Excellent on burgers, steaks, chicken and other grill favorites.
Even livens up egg omellettes.
Mix with sour cream for a delicious snack dip.
Dice your garden vegetables and sprinkle with Marshal Bob’s for a refreshing summer salad.
Add flavor to potato salad, lasagna, omelets, baked potatoes, etc.

“Rustlers, Thieves and Outlaws Ain’t Always Wrong, Y'all!”

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